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Maser — Don’t Be Afraid/Homebird — Dublin, Ireland

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is originally inspired by Seamus Heaney’s final words to his wife ‘Noli Timere’, in the winter of 2013, Maser created a large scale mural in Portobello, Dublin with the words ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ painted boldly in white lettering across the side of a building. Due to the popularity of the message, especially in this difficult times, Maser released two limited edition print series and is his most sought after print to date.

‘Homebird’ is the new limited-edition print by Maser whereby 50% of all profits will be donated directly to a Front Line COVID-19 charity. The phrase ‘homebird’ regularly describes a softer side to people. Except in times like these. Now, it is a word that describes group action and strength towards positive change. ‘Homebird’ encapsulates the positive power of group effort through individual actions. To illustrate a feeling of strength, a feeling of Irishness, and most importantly, a feeling that we all in this together! ‘We are homebirds’!

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