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Zahava Elenberg — Clikclax — Melbourne, Australia

As the world contemplates a return to public spaces, one of Australia’s top design minds has developed a smart solution to the challenge of physical distancing. Offering an affectionate design nod to the cult Playplax children’s design toy of the 1970s, Clikclax is the innovative Perspex brainchild of award-winning Melbourne-based entrepreneur and designer, Zahava Elenberg.

“Clikclax is a colourful, fun design-based answer to the deeply unimaginative sneeze-guards that have become ubiquitous since the arrival of Covid-19. Not only has Clikclax been designed to enhance the look of a space, it’s also super fun to put together and infinitely customisable, with a life of its own — much like the game that inspired it.”

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