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A Nice Set — By Plus et Plus, Reed Space and IdN

A Nice Set is a touring exhibition of sets of slip mats by 33 1/3 artists and a book. Curated by Plus et Plus, concept in collaboration with the reed space and published by IdN.


ISBN: 978-988-98992-2-6
Dimensions: 160mm(w) x 256mm(h)
Pages: 272 pages with 2 varying paper stocks

Sampling visual with music

Just as DJs distil the work of many musicians into a new and larger entity, creating a separate experience for the audience, so visual artists are tapping into their own cultural surroundings, sampling the influences they have accumulated, and integrating them into their work. Both the visual artist and the DJ can be seen as "selectors" who draw from trends and fads, the finished product being their interpretation of the art around them.

33 and 1/3 RPM

A Nice Set invites an appropriately portioned 33 and 1/3 artists to customise a pair of blank slip-mats; the dimensions of the canvas are their only constraints. (The figure 33 and 1/3 represents the standard Revolutions Per Minute of a record turntable; the third of an artist is 10-year-old Maceo Villareal, who has obviously not yet grown to full artistic maturity).

Participating Artists:

Asif Mian / Ben Loiz and Carolina Chaves / Bob Kronbauer / Build / Carlos Rodriguez / David Ellis / Genevieve Gauckler / Gerry Villareal / Harmen Liemburg / Hanna Werning / Hort / Ian Wright / Ian "Swifty" Swift / Jeff Staple / Jeff Zimmermann / Jenni Kim / Jeremy Hollister / Jeremyville / Maki Kawakita / Marc Atlan / Ray Smith / Republic of Regina / Stephen Bliss / Judy Wellfare / Kai and Sunny / Kenn Sakurai / Kustaa Saksi / Luca Ionesco / Maceo Villareal / Stephan "Maze" Georges / Timothy Saccenti / Universal Everything / Value and Service / Yuko Shimizu

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