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Twenty 120: Truth vs Deception — By Connor Swegle

DVD Boxset. Twenty films. One hundred and twenty seconds a piece.


ISBN: 978-988-99591-5-9
A DVD comes with 20 postcards and a booklet
Size: 13.6(w) X 16.3cm(h)


The 20 directors were invited on the premise that they create for themselves and not for any commercial purpose. All work remains under the complete ownership of the directors. The result was a diverse offerings of films, aired first at the PromaxBDA conference in New York as an eclectic mix of narrative and design, with a wide range of tonality from the whimsical, to the serious, to absurd. The content then launched online with views and responses from around the world.

Staying true to the ideals of creativity and innovation, with a theme of “Truth vs. Deception”, the directors came together to create a ground-breaking collection of short films that use live-action, effects, animation, comedy, action and verité. Twenty 120 remains dedicated to the definition of creative – an original product of human invention or artistic imagination – by celebrating the work of artists around the world.

Curated by:

Connor Swegle

Participating Artists:

Erica Gorochow + Gabe Tick / David Lobser / Susanne Luchtrath + Anton Riedel / Rob Chiu / Matt Lambert / Chris Hewitt / Mark Yamamoto / James Coulson + Derek Lee / Siman Larbalestier + Steve Tozzi / Steve Zourntos + Susan Armstrong / Henry Lu + Joe Rudge + Dan Maloney / Limore Shur + Jory Hull / Matt Tragesser / Jason Koxvold / Erin Sarofsky / Bran Dougherty-Johnson / Mark Szumski + Tim Saccenti / Bill Sneed / Willi Patton + Mitchell Paone / Stephen Schuster / Matt Smithson

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