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IdN v19n2: Sexual Graphics — Visual Orgasm

We're pretty sure we've already got your attention just with the use of that word "sexual" because nothing arouses so much interest or is capable of stirring up so much controversy. With the help of 11 top-flight practitioners who have flirted with the bare-all approach, we examine the pros and cons of using sex to spice up your portfolio – and present some eye-popping examples of their work to help you make up your mind about this ever-burning issue.


Motion Gallery: Pause Fest
Sexual Graphics: Visual Orgasm
Creative Country: Thailand
Studio: A2/SW/HK, Berg, Greenspace, Kent Lyons
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104 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
118 minutes DVD Video included

Sexual Graphics

Beating a path through the sexual-design minefield

Sex sells – be it newspapers and magazines, movies and stage productions, novels and memoirs, art or even music. At the same time, it can be a turn-off for viewers with a conservative outlook on the matter. So when it comes to sex in design, the pros and cons of using it have to be carefully weighed.

And then an even more difficult question has to be posed: is sex being used simply to grab the viewer's attention or does it have an integral part to play in the design concept? Does it enhance the message being conveyed or detract from it?


Autumn Whitehurst | David Alexander Slaager | Denzil & Siddhi | Erik Foss | Jamie McCartney | John Ryan Solis | Jorge Champrrp | Malika Favre | Michael Viviani | Mike Jeter | Who Killed Mickey

Motion Gallery: Pause Fest

Taking digital time out in Melbourne

Go back to the future! Re-live – or experience for the first time – 2011 November's first major digital festival to take place in Melbourne, Australia. See all the works that were screened plus amazing behind-the-scenes footage from this scintillating seven days of fun in the Victoria sun in this issue's DVD. And don't miss our one-on-one interview with the man behind it all, George Hedon, who pulled the whole enterprise together with the help of just two other people.

Creative Country: Thailand

Can creativity unite a divided nation?

The land of smiles, paradisiacal beaches and Buddhist stoicism has recently been put to some severe tests, experiencing major political turmoil and calamitous natural disasters. But throughout it all, the creative community held fast – and the country's advertising industry is even making inroads on international awards. Find out where today's Thai scene is at with this lowdown from 11 of its leading artists/designers.


Tarin Yuangtrakul | Chatchanok Wongvachara | Eakkarlak Sangtongchai | Norrasak Ramasute | Prompt Design | Ise Ratta Ananphada | Suralert Jirawangso | Sulaimarn Poh-Asae | Paputh Nimchuar | Unchalee "Leee" Anantawat | Eyedropper Fill


Our biggest "Studio" article yet, featuring four top design firms – A2/SW/HK, Berg, Greenspace and KentLyons, all of which are located in the UK. But notwithstanding the similarity of their creative environments, they each have a radically different approach to the artistic endeavors they undertake.


A2/SW/HK | Berg | Greenspace | Kent Lyons

Regulars: POTM

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