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IdN v19n3: The Line Issue — Artist on the Front Line

A line is so much more than just the distance between two dots. It is the fundamental building-block that every artist employs – even if, like Jackson Pollock, they are simply dribbling paint onto a horizontal canvas. It is a signifier of innate talent: the critics speak of "bold" lines and "subtle" lines. One would be hard-pressed to think of any work of art that did not involve lines – even Malevich's notorious 1915 "Black Square" wouldn't have worked without an outline to define it.


Motion Gallery: Editing
The Line Issue: Artists on the Front Line
Creative Country: Iceland
Studio: Synoptic Office, Brogen Averill
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108 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
117 minutes DVD Video included

The Line Issue

Putting their art on the line

For all that it is fundamental to any visual art-form, be it illustration, animation, fashion or furniture design, sculpture or installation, architecture… anything in fact that is made to be looked at, there are some creatives who specialise in lines, who use them them as the principal springboard for their work.

The boldness, or delicacy, with which lines are drawn can be indicative of innate artistic talent, because the line is the basic building-block of all art. Even those artists who do not first sketch out what they want to paint but straightaway apply paint to canvas usually "outline" the overall appearance of their imagined concept before filling in the detail.


Ayaka Ito | Doug Johnston | Gavin Worth | Iemza | Jay Wilson | Lang/Baumann | Minjeong An | Moneyless | Vasilj Godzh | Zim&Zou

Motion Gallery: Editing

The Perfect Cut

In the making of movies, small or large, the editing process is crucial. The "delete" button may have replaced a pair of scissors, but in today's post-production world, versatility is all-important. Discover the secrets of mixing and matching on a minuscule budget, of making the mundane appear quite marvelous. Of keeping the action rolling in smooth sequences while the background is constantly changing. Of employing all the technical wizardry now available. We present 31 mind-blowing videos created by 23 motion units that have got the art of editing down to perfection. Let their expertise inspire you!

Creative Country: Iceland

Volcanic passion unleashed in cold climate

Ever since the first settlers arrived, this remote and inhospitable scenery has inspired Icelanders to represent it in art. The country's small population has led to intense competition as well as creating a communal spirit and a hands-on approach that does not allow the luxury of much specialisation. Here we present the work – and words – of 13 "Young Vikings" in the hope that they will give you a flavour of what's hot and happening in this cold climate.


Baddý Design | Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson | Björgvin Friðgeirsson | Bobby Breidholt | Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason | Marandros | Thorunn Arnadottir | Ragnar Freyr | Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir | Guðmundur Ingi Úlfarsson | Sig Vicious | Dóri Andrésson | Siggi Odds


A pair of one-offs

Two heavyweight design studios from opposite sides of the Pacific with practically nothing in common except their commitment to originality and innovation: Synoptic Office from the US and Brogen Averill of New Zealand showcase some of their most eye-popping projects for your delight and enlightenment.


Synoptic Office | Brogen Averill

Regulars: POTM

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