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IdN v22n2: Collective Studios — Collective Farming for Creatives

There is a growing trend away from the formal, hierarchical design studio towards loosely amalgamated peer groups often called collectives. We talk to nine such entities about the advantages of working this way.

Feature: Collective Studios — Collective Farming for Creatives

The formal design studio, with its all-powerful director and a hierarchically structured staff, seems to be giving way to more loosely organised groupings of creative talent, pooling their resources in what are often termed “collectives”.

We have taken a look at nine such entities, from the US to Australia via Portugal, the UK and The Netherlands. The reasons for their formation range from the irresistible rise of the Internet or political and environmental necessity, to the pressures of the economic downturn and the benefits of a mutually shouldered financial burden. But the uniting bond is that of the social element, the desire and enthusiasm for collaborating with like-minded peers.

Bichos de Ceda | Johnny Two Tone | Kopij | Letterproeftuin | Onomatopee | Print Club London | Puck | The Patternbase | Tomato

Motion Gallery: Animated Type — Typography in Motion

You can run but you can never hide from typography, no matter what design field you are in. How to achieve just the right balance between pulling their informative weight and adding to, rather than distracting from, the animated elements? That is the big challenge for motion-graphic designers, often compounded by making the words themselves move.

Animography | Fernando Lazzari | TienMin Liao and more!

Creative Country: Netherlands — Drunk on yesterday’s fine art, today’s Dutch designers are sobering up.

A country boasting the largest number of museums and art galleries per square kilometre in the world – and one of the richest of fine-art heritages. But what is life like for today’s cutting-edge Dutch designers?

Cooee | Fabian de Lange | Lienke Raben | Loulou & Tummie | Milan van de Goor | Thonik


Farm Design | The Bakery Design Studio | Socio Design | Saana Hellsten | Dario Gracceve

Et cetera/Pick of the Month

Cocolia | José Jiménez Lara | Iván Navarro | Kenn Lam | r1. | Vicente García Morillo | Sockying Wong | Tetsuya Toshima


Motion Gallery: Animated Type
Feature: Collective Studios
Creative Country: The Netherlands
Et cetera/Pick of the Month


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