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IdN v22n3: Designer Typefaces — Which type are you – Trained or Instinctive?

Is there a downside to making your own lettering rather than commissioning a specialist or buying off the shelf? We ask 13 top designers for their views on this crucial question, illustrated by examples of their work.

Feature: Designer Typefaces — Which type are you — Trained or Instinctive?

What is it that sets apart the trained typeface designer from the graphic designer who custom-makes his/her own fonts? Do you need to know all about keening, symmetry and proportionality to do a thoroughly professional job or can you be guided by gut instinct as to which type goes best with the rest of the images when presented as a whole?

Should typeface design be the exclusive preserve of trained typographers or is there room for graphic designers to custom-make their own? We talk to both types of font fan.

Alex Frukta | Alexandre Pietra | Andreas Leonidou | Antonio Rodigues Jr | Comeback Studio | Dan Hoopert | Faak&Paat Studio | Lewis Wilson | Natalia Marko Kryzhak | Petros Afshar | RIT Creative | Youssef Habchi

Motion Gallery: Information in Motion — Keeping you Informed as well as Entertained

Embedding information in a video format is basically a question of balance: you have to both grab and retain the viewer’s interest at the same time as making sure that they don’t miss the main point, i.e. what it is you are trying to inform them about. Proper pacing and a smooth interaction between message and medium are probably the keys to this conundrum. Three leading exponents of the art give away some tricks of their trade.

Steve Smith | Patrick Clair | Duncan Elms and more!

Creative City: Paris — Romantic French still doing it their way. Vive la difference!

Frequently touted as the most romantic country in the world, France is unsurprisingly a top tourist destination, luring visitors with its centuries of artistic achievement and overload of historical monuments. But what is it like to live and work there as a designer? Get the inside griff from a handful of cutting-edge contemporary creatives.

ACME Paris | Charley Massiera | Chevalvert | Gabriel Nazoa | Graphictroopers | Jérôme Berthemet | Say What Studio | Thobias Studio | Violaine & Jérémy

Project: The Young and the Resourceful

Pin-Ju Chen | Bruno Zalum | The Strangely Good | Jonny Aldrich

Idea: Hand Crafted Lettering

Rob Draper | Adam Vicarel

Et cetera/Pick of the Month

Alice Sung | Wall Stitch by YOY & K’s Design Lab | Alex Fowkes | Juan Díaz-Faes | Kit Webster | Pia Alive | Design Indaba | Ricardo Leite


Motion Gallery: Infographics
Feature: Designer Typefaces
Creative City: Paris
Project: The Young and the Resourceful
Idea: Hand Crafted Lettering
Et cetera/Pick of the Month


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