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IdN v22n4: Identity & Patterns — Pleasures & Pitfalls of Following a Pattern

Patterns are everywhere we look – on our clothing, building surfaces, interiors, branding, packaging… but when and how are they best incorporated into a design? The appeal of their usage is obvious, the repetitive elements bring with them a calming vibe, a sense of instant familiarity. But they can also create problems, especially when co-opted across a wide ID spectrum.

Feature: Identity & Patterns — Pleasures & Pitfalls of Following a Pattern

What is the ideal combination of shapes and colours to make a maximum impact? Patterns are undoubtedly viewer-friendly, but inappropriately employed, they can cause viewers considerable confusion.

We have showcased the work and words of 15 pattern-makers to share with you their their thoughts on what makes a good pattern design and what it is that they find most fascinating – and challenging – about the process.

Anagrama | ATMO Designstudio | Charles Daoud | DES SIGNES | Forma & Co. | Il-Ho Jung | Janine Rewell | Kamil Piatkowski | Kokoro & Moi | Magpie Studio | Natasha Frolova | Santtu Mustonen | SNASK | Warren Tey | William Branton

Motion Gallery: Choreographics — Poetry in Motion

Choreography normally refers to the pre-planning or scripting of dance steps in ballet or other types of dance, but in the world of motion graphics, it has a broader meaning: it is the art of blending movement, music, script and story-line into one seamless entity so that it all hangs together as smoothly as possible. We invited three polyfaceted practitioners of this difficult skill to give us the benefit of their experience.

Casanova Sorolla | Jr.canest | Candas Sisman and more!

Creative Country: Singapore — Has The Singapore Worm Turned?

The traditionally conservative island state’s attitude to democracy and freedom of speech is under attack following the conviction of a teenager for posting a video on YouTube attacking the nation’s founding "father", the late Lee Kuan Yew. Ironically, local designers see a new blossoming of creative freedom that they hope will lift their work into the international sphere after years of parochialism. Find out what’s really going on with these cutting-edge local artists!

Foreign Policy Design | Kong Studio | Lemongraphic | Melvin Tan | Manic Design | Shannon Lim | Somewhere Else


Bond | Futura | Ermolaev Bureau | Syfon Studio | Wedge & Lever

Et cetera/Pick of the Month

Muokkaa Studio | Isabella Conticello | Lauren Kim | Rafa Goicoechea | Paul-Henri Masson


Motion Gallery: Choreographics
Feature: Identity & Patterns
Creative Country: Singapore
Et cetera/Pick of the Month


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