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IdN v22n6: SuperFlat — Going Flat Out

Going Flat Out is the latest trend from Japan and it’s gaining ground globally. Among those who are aiming to flatten their design — while trying to retain the illusion of depth — are our featured SuperFlat specialists. See how they resolve this apparent paradox.

Feature: Going Flat Out — Flat Is Good

SuperFlat is a term coined by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for his now 15-year-old group exhibition of that name in Los Angeles. Difficult to define, it combines elements of anime and manga and tries to do away with depth — both visually and philosophically. Some see it as a continuation of Andy Warhol’s pop-art revolution of 50 years ago. Whatever, it seems to be gradually catching on around the world.

We bring together half-a-dozen leading creatives who have fallen under the SuperFlat spell to help explain it — through words and graphics.

Dan Matutina | Aldo Crusher | Hwanie Choi | Michael Arnold | Valentina Ferioli | Josh Brill

Motion Gallery: Mixed Media — Where the Matching Matters More Than the Mixing

Mixed media is all very well in motion graphics, but you have to ensure that the various elements complement each other rather than contend – thus confusing and, ultimately, boring viewers. Our featured trio — Kris Hofmann, Ben&Julia and Onesize — are experts in seamless transition from one medium to another. And don’t miss out on our superb collection of mixed-media videos by 11 creative units!

Ben&Julia Studio | Kris Hofmann | Onesize and more!

Creative Country: Portugal — Still Trying to Find its Way out of the Woods

Having thrown off the shackles of colonialism and dictatorship, Portugal is now undergoing the deprivations of Eurozone-induced austerity, which have prevented it from adopting a thoroughly modern and ethnically autonomous style of commercial design. But with the help of the Internet and, in many cases, an art education abroad, a young generation is trying to forge a new identity for itself. Learn more about their trials and triumphs — and enjoy the vitality of the work they are producing.

VOLTA | italicshift Creative Agency | BLANK | Danny Ivan | Non-verbal | Rui Almeida


Studio Caserne | Tess Copeland | Leif Podhajsky | Murmure | I Depend On Me | Paperlux


Vicki Turner | KAE

Et cetera/Pick of the Month

Lane Beam | Louisa Boyd | Abbey Sy | Noor Aghar | Greg Bennett


Motion Gallery: Mixed Media
Feature: SuperFlat
Creative Country: Portugal
Et cetera/Pick of the Month


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