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Makeshift #13: Healing Issue — A personal patch kit for the mind, body, and soul

This issue features sea-faring psychiatry, handmade hearing aids, and improvised maternity wards along the creative path toward healing. If you hit roadblocks in your own work, hack them, build around them, and make it better.


ISBN: 978-988-15950-0-3
Size: 170mm(w) x 228mm(h)
Pages: 96p + 4p cover


p18 – Psych Warfare

Using Skype and shoddy internet, overseas psychiatrists support Syria’s internally displaced persons and refugees

p22 – Observed

Alternative Therapies (United States)

p24 – Collective Cure

Pick up a paintbrush or join a group walk in South London to help combat mental distress

p26 – Island Care

Volunteer doctors travel 500 nautical miles each spring to visit patients on remote islands

p28 – Near Death

Touching the void becomes as easy as paying the admission fee

p32 – Observed

Alternative Therapies (Indonesia)

p34 – The Healing Games

When a therapist feels out of reach, innovators reach out through the digital realm


p48 – Scrap Feet Feat

Melt milk bottles and aluminum tabs to craft prosthetic legs on the cheap

p53 – Clear Hearing

Mobile phone parts and rubbery earbuds serve as low-cost hearing aids for India’s rural residents

p56 – Observed

War (Syria)

p58 – Rights Fight

The fight for gender equality in rural Kyrgyzstan comes one home visit at a time

p61 – Printed Prosthetics

3D printers in central Uganda are slashing the time and costs of making arms, legs, and jaws

p64 – Cleaner Breaths

Choking smog got you down? Strap a furnace filter to your box fan, and inhale

p66 – Observed

Preventable Diseases (Ukraine/Cambodia)

p68 – Urgent Care

Spare tarps and abandoned vans offer lifesaving shelter after hospital walls come crumbling down

p72 – Relief Map

When disaster strikes, digital tools allow anyone with a computer and rudimentary art skills to assist in major aid efforts


p76 – Karma Cleansing

White-collar workers tired of bribes turn to traditional shi fus to soothe their souls

p80 – Bitchin’ Brews

When under the weather, keep an eye on who you turn to for help

p82 – Healing Trip

If modern medicine can’t supply the cure, perhaps it’s time for an ancient hallucinogen

p86 – Observed

Ritual (Qinghai Lake, China)

p88 – Temple of Rehab

Vomit-inducing herbal juice and spiritual vows help drug addicts kick their habits

p92 – Observed

Ritual (La Cumbre, Colombia)

About Makeshift

Makeshift is a field guide to hidden creativity. From homemade aircraft in Nigeria to drug smugglers in Mexico, Chinese hackers pushed up against the Great Firewall to Haitian communities pushing back against marginalization, we believe ingenuity can be found everywhere if you know where to look. Let us tag along on your creative pursuit.

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