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Makeshift #14: Harvest Issue — Creative Crops of a global harvest

This issue features insect cuisine, black market syrup, time-traveling fridges, and mine-sniffing rats — the creative crops of a global harvest.


ISBN: 978-988-15951-2-6
Size: 170mm(w) x 228mm(h)
Pages: 96p + 4p cover


p18 — Farm Chat

Rural farmers swap ag tips and personal stories in 11 WhatsApp groups across India

p22 — Green Lung

In a small patch of Bamako, a few plots of land stand strong

p28 — Sweet Dirt

To grow organic in Cuba, gather cacao husks, tree bark, and tobacco leaves

p32 — Observed

Farming in Romania


p46 — The Shooter’s Growers

With U.S. drug users creating the demand, smallscale farmers in Mexico grow the clandestine supply

p50 — Observed

Fishing in Assam, India

p52 — Spies vs. Spied

One approach to limiting the mass collection of data is the mass collection of data

p54 — Scratch & Sniff

When landmines threaten civilians, sometimes the best ally is actually a pest

p57 — Sweet Crimes

If bureaucrats sour the market, maybe it’s time to find your own sugary flow

p60 — Net Worth

When rainy season hits, value awaits in unexpected runoff

p68 — Air Drops

When the wells run dry, look for water in the sky


p72 — Parisian Plantations

As urban growth continues, there’s still lots of places to put down roots

p76 — Fly Fuel

Turning trash into protein-rich animal feed is nothing to swat at

p78 — Observed

Fieldwork in Ethiopia

p80 — Critter Cuisine

Baking cookies? Drop the flour, and grab some crickets

p83 — Poison Pail

In rural reaches, bucket filters trap poison from wells for safer drinking

p86 — Crop to the Future

If you want to know how plants will fare on a warming planet, send them to 2050

p88 — Observed

Recycling in Alang, India

p90 — Farmlords

On Beijing’s urban fringe, turn farmland into tenements to protect from government grabs

About Makeshift

Makeshift is a field guide to hidden creativity. From homemade aircraft in Nigeria to drug smugglers in Mexico, Chinese hackers pushed up against the Great Firewall to Haitian communities pushing back against marginalization, we believe ingenuity can be found everywhere if you know where to look. Let us tag along on your creative pursuit.

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