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485 Design — Auckland, New Zealand

“We are super-passionate about food, great coffee and hosting people – so a full-service hospitality project would be ideal. We love to be involved in the entire process. From the start of the project, strategy, brand and expression throughout the store. Menus, uniform, green ideas, interior design, furniture, lighting and architecture. For us, this is all part of the branding process that connects people to an amazing experience.”

485 Design is a multi-award-winning company with a talented team of designers and creative thinkers. Its avowed vision is “to make your business more remarkable and disruptive!” They go on to say that “we can’t stand design becoming an aesthetic attachment to business at the end of the process! We see design as an integrated, strategic and vital component to propel businesses to be more relevant, drive more value and ultimately bring about new and exciting experiences.”

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