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Aaoo Studio — Louis Chiu — Tainan, Taiwan

“The weaving-a-tea-story gift box is one of the projects that we are most proud of. In the initial stage of the project implementation, because the customers come from three groups of different backgrounds, in order to unify an acceptable design plan, we paid a lot for the communication of needs, the time and effort necessary to integrate opinions with customers. The design execution and revision in the later period also had to overcome many hurdles. Fortunately, the final execution was near-perfect, and it served to enhance the customer’s evaluation of our design expertise.”

The AAOO Studio was founded in Tainan, Taiwan in 2019 “to meet the needs of the market and the balance of design aesthetics”. Its spokesperson went on: “In project execution, we try to understand the client’s background and needs well enough to propose execution suggestions that both meet their market expectations and practical value, so that customers can not only get designs that meet artistic standards, but also help them succeed in their commercial activities”. At present, the studio’s main services are in the fields of graphic design/corporate identity and brand planning.

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