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Alexander Lis — Frankfurt, Germany

"I would say that mono-graphics involves not too many colours, which are then put together to create a strong graphic style. The first time I worked like this was in 2008 when I was producing my graduation project “The Aesthetics Of Randomness” together with Tobias Becker. The copy machine that we used only allowed us to print with one colour – black. The important thing for me is to use fewer graphic elements in order to make a much stronger visual statement."

Alexander Lis has worked for Neubau (Berlin), Bergmannstudios (Frankfurt), Sara de Bondt Studio (London) and Pixelgarten (Frankfurt). In his free time, he teams up with Tim Heiler and seven other designers to work on a research project called, which gives the participants space to undertake work without clients, such as exhibitions and workshops. It aims to bring people together from all over the world to share ideas and create whatever pleases them without worrying about how to sell it.

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