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Alphons ter Avest — Arnhem, The Netherlands

“I would like to proceed with Bakehouse, and make a project like this on a larger scale, somewhere abroad. Bakehouse is about bringing people together, as well as different cultures and different social levels. This can be done in every (major) city around the world.”

Perception and transformation play important roles in Alphons ter Avest’s sculpture. For him, it is about the attainment of clear, transparent objectives with a layered meaning. At the base of it are often everyday objects such as cars, caravans, houses, donkeys, model kits, toys, etc. But they are not samples. He models them again in order to catch their extraordinary ambiguity. The artist usually uses reproduction methods such as casting techniques in metal and ceramics, for which he makes templates and molds. His work can be seen in private, business and government collections.

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