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Ariane Spanier Design — Berlin, Germany

“In places where you have a walking culture, such as Berlin and some other European cities, where you pass by these printed posters as a viewer, they do play an important role. They sometimes cover ugly façades, they surprise or shock or entertain, inform or they are boring, but for sure they are part of the visual culture that surrounds us. It’s direct communication, without you having to concentrate on a longer narrative. They are colours and shapes that are added to the architecture or cityscapes. It would be empty without them!”

Ariane Spanier was born in Weimar, Germany. She studied visual communication at the Art Academy Berlin-Weißensee and opened her design studio in Berlin in 2005. She works primarily with clients from the cultural sphere such as galleries, artists, publishers and architects. The focus of the studio is on the design of books, catalogues and posters, but also branding, animation, illustration and websites. Since 2006 she has been the creative director of Fukt, an annual magazine for contemporary drawing. Her playful approach to typography and image explores the perception of depth, gravity and weightlessness, revealing the underlying and hidden. She has been published in many international magazines and received many design awards.

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