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Artilize – TALES — Taipei, Shanghai

”We deem our products as sophistication off springs from masterpieces; that they are a part of a long cultural continuum but are also fresh and fun”, say Tony Tseng, design director of TALES.

Since 2004, the Artilize team has been collaborating with artists, designers and museums to create objects for the brand TALES, a homeware product line intended on integrating the richness of cultural and historical inspirations into home and gift items. In 2013, TALES also launched a project with the National Palace Museum to transform parts of its collection into modern lifestyle objects. The National Palace Museum is a treasure-house with more than 700,000 pieces of the most phenomenal art objects evacuated to safety from the Forbidden City, due to the chaos caused by wars in the early 20th century. From this vast collection, Tales created an extended range of ceramic items and tablewares that are rooted in ancient tradition, and attuned to modern life.

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