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Chun Ta Chu — Taipei, Taiwan

“In this era of digitalisation and rapid information flow, business cards are no longer just a tool for providing contact information, but rather a way to construct a contextual experience. Handing out a business card can be an easy and casual way to start a social interaction without the awkwardness of directly asking for personal information. Some of my clients enjoy using their business cards as a conversation starter — to quickly dive into their respective fields and industries.”

Chun-Ta Chu was born in 1990 in Taiwan and is a graphic designer based there. He has won numerous international design awards in Europe, the US and Asia, including from the Art Directors Club of New York and the Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design, and has been short-listed for the Lahti International Poster Triennial and the China International Poster Biennial among many others.

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