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Daan Roosegaarde — Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“One of my early and favourite installations, Dune is a public interactive landscape that interacts with human behaviour. This hybrid of Nature and technology is composed of large amounts of fibres that brighten according to the sounds and motions of passing visitors. It has been a joy to see visitors interact with Dune, especially in Hong Kong where it came to full life — children could not stop playing with it! When people stop thinking about the techniques behind the piece and plunge into the dream, that is for me the greatest sign of success.”

Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde is a “creative thinker and maker of social designs that explore the relations between people, technology and space”. He has been driven by Nature’s gifts such as light-emitting fireflies and jelly-fish since childhood. His fascination with Nature and technology is reflected in his iconic designs such as Dune, Van Gogh Path and Waterlicht as landscapes of the future.

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