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Eps51 Graphic Design Studio — Berlin, Germany

“Typography is both communication through written speech and visual composing — it’s the purest and thus most difficult way of illustrating script — without using additional techniques such as photography or drawings, etc. As a designer, you have the chance to give another contextual layer to a text by visually shaping its form and therefore influencing the way the reader conceives and understands the complexity. Setting a text in different ways can either support its meaning, give rise to questions or even fuck it up completely.”

Eps51 is an internationally active graphic-design studio that develops visual concepts with a strong focus on typography and bilingual design. After having lived and worked in Cairo, London, Brighton and Paris, Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma founded Eps51 in Berlin in 2008. Their professional expertise ranges from developing brands, establishing visual identities and conceptualising online presences to editing and designing books as well as organising cultural events. They have worked on numerous intercultural projects over the years, regularly taking part in exhibitions, giving lectures and holding workshops.

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