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Floodfonts — Felix Braden — Cologne, Germany

“While working on Arpona, the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne was a valuable source of inspiration because there are countless ancient stones with Roman inscriptions. Stone is not easy to work with, and the hammer and chisel are not filigree tools. You have to use force to apply it and mistakes cannot be corrected. The final result is a typeface with a strong character, ideal for corporate design and projects characterised by a sense of individualism — for example art, fashion, food, beverage and lifestyle. Arpona is particularly suitable for packaging and advertising and editorial design and is highly readable even in running text on screen.”

Floodfonts is an independent type foundry based in Cologne, Germany and was founded in 2000 by Felix Braden. In the early days he designed numerous free typefaces, still available on the website. His commercial fonts are released by Monotype, Fountain, URW, Volcanotype and Ligature Inc. and are available via Fontspring, Fontshop, Myfonts and in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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