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Heike Weber — Cologne, Germany

Typical swirls and floral elements are sketched with stringy white silicone and Weber brings life to the repetitive lines that serve as the foundation of a traditional carpet. Displayed on the grounds of vaulted rooms, or sprawled across wood and stone, the white whorls make a dramatic impact. The symbolical reference of her silicone rugs is that they reflect the clash between East and West that she has experienced in her life.

“Persian” carpets are known for their intricate patterns and vibrant dyes, but Heike Weber, a German installation artist, has reorganised the constructive elements of the typical Oriental rug. Using gossamer silicone instead of traditional thread, the Kilim series of silicone carpets combines Middle Eastern motifs with modern media effects. “Kilim” is the Turkish word for carpet and the line was created by Weber following a visit to that country.

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