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Joel Derksen — Amsterdam, Netherlands / London, UK

“The biggest difference is your relationship to the space. If you’re starting with a flat piece of paper going directly to the wall, you miss the opportunities of the space. Ideally, I want to walk through the space and understand the light, how people move through the architecture and, most of all, the possibilities. You could see a wall as if it were paper, with a flat, solid surface. But that’s to miss the power of the opportunity: of angles, of lighting, of remembering that the viewer’s body is a part of the composition, too.”

Joel Derksen says he helps “create compelling narratives that offer brands a glimpse into untapped opportunities, both in terms of developing new offerings and strategies for growth, and re-defining existing products. With a patient and thoughtful approach, companies in food, beverage, the arts, culture and lifestyle benefit from our broad-reaching experience.”

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