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Katerina Voronina — Berlin, Germany

“Silk-screen is my favourite print technique. It is quite a complex sequential printing method, requiring many steps and full concentration. If you make a mistake somewhere, you may ruin the whole work and then you will have to start over. For me it is like meditation. Immersion into the process can temporarily disconnect me from the world of mobile phones and social media at least for a few hours. Step by step, layer by layer, I like to watch the birth of my design take place.”

Katerina Voronina is an avid sketcher and is engaged in all kinds of illustration projects for magazines and children’s books. She also creates silkscreen and riso prints, and paints murals. “Kate” says she enjoys working with illustration as a visual metaphor, deeply and thoughtfully studying the text to be illustrated. Illustration to her is a language of expression, and she loves being able to speak it.

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