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Letterproeftuin – Yorit Kluitman, Timon Van Der Hijden, Jaron Korvinus — Rotterdam, Netherlands

Based in Rotterdam, but with a knack for appearing at design festivals and events all over Europe, Letterproeftuin is a collective that revels in the circus of design performance and open-source spectacle. The group sees itself as “neo-craft” in coming up with ideas such as “The World’s Smallest Print Company”.

Project-orientated, the collective designs site-specific work in temporary spaces, the challenge and joy of which lies in either the collaboration with other artists from different disciplines or working with a previously unexplored technique. Comprising three members – Yorit Kluitman, Timon Van Der Hijden and Jaron Korvinus – Letterproeftuin is a “closed” collective but often works with designers outside of the group to emphasise the creative process – inspiring, discussing and sharing knowledge. Getting their “hands dirty” and the fun of provoking performance in print are primary forces in the collective will.

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