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Studio Lindhorst-Emme — Berlin, Germany

“If you only have a few words as a title, I like to modify the characters by stretching them. The nearly unreadable has an enormous charm in my opinion. In contrast to the classic typeface design, which is designed to offer the greatest possible reading comfort, I like to experiment with the font, the individual characters, and therefore usually create a typeface or even just a readable image in contrast to an optimally cut font.”

Studio Lindhorst-Emme specialises in graphic design and typography, especially book and poster design. Most of its work is of artistic or cultural origin, such as photo books, artist catalogues, vinyl packaging and posters for exhibitions, music events and films. The studio’s work has been shown at many international exhibitions — in Russia, the US, China, Taiwan and France to name but a few. In addition, it has been awarded international prizes such as the TDC New York, the Tokyo TDC, the Chaumont International Poster Festival and 100 Best Posters, the Golden Bee and many more. Sven Lindhorst-Emme is a member of the Type Directors Club New York and the association 100 Best Posters.

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