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LouLou & Tummie — Tilburg, The Netherlands

“Dutch design is often pretty straightforward, to the point. Stripped of unnecessary details and focused on function. This ‘simplicity’ might be a characteristic of Dutch design.”

Cheerful and colourful characters that reside in cities, machines and the imagination populate the world of Loulou & Tummie. Although the illustrations may look simple, they are well thought through and no detail is left to chance. This scrupulousness is smoothed by the use of matching colours, creating a calming effect. The pair have been working together since 2004, when they discovered how complementary they were and began living and sharing an apartment together. At first glance, their individual work is very different one from the other: Chantal’s works with cute characters and graceful patterns, while Lauren’s work is sleek and geometric. But they have evolved a very effective kind of symbiosis under the nom de plume Loulou & Tummie.

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