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Lucion Media — Montreal, Canada

“Our most successful interactive project is the ‘Interactive Nomac’ for the Dream Theater tour. The interface is really cool, the graphics are very dynamic and the sound effects make it very futuristic. The device has been moved from venue to venue for about 100 shows and it is still working well. It is all automated so that the tour techs have very little operating to do. Fans line up to have their pictures taken and it has generated traffic to the band’s website. The picture quality is very good. To see your picture next to the fictional characters in the show’s narrative visuals is a definite added value for a fan.”

Lucion Media is a leader in interactive narrative environments. From North to South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, it has developed more than 350 projects. Sphere Polaires, Lucion’s gigantic light installation, was first installed in Montreal thanks to the Partenariat du Quartier des Spectacle in January 2012. It has since travelled to Lyon, Moscow, Brussels, Jerusalem, Washington, Mexico City and Medellin, Columbia. It received a Numix Award in Canada for best experiential environment. The Lucion team has also developed multimedia content and environments for stage performances, namely for Warner Music Group, Dream Theater and the 2016 Rock Opera world tour.

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