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Marius Roosendaal — Amersfoort, The Netherlands

"Colour is something almost incomprehensible, I think, even magical maybe, with unlimited possibilities. Applying constraints makes things a bit easier. Mono-graphics does just that. To craft something with a limited set of tools and yet still be able to create something that’s appealing or beautiful is something of a challenge, which I find fascinating."

Marius Roosendaal likes to experiment with shapes, texture, colour and typography to create something on a subject that stirs his interest, or merely a piece that looks “cool”. This year, he started a "Make Something Cool Every Day" project which has already garnered a lot of positive feedback. When he is not doing his personal work, Roosendaal designs for online media and develops brands, employing strong typography, user-friendly inter-action and a compelling visual language – only telling what needs to be told.

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