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Mark Frömberg — Mark2Mark — Berlin, Germany

“My graduation typeface Shequalin was designed around the urge to create a visual voice for sophisticated, humorous literature. Be it satirical or Dadaistic poetry, escapist or fictive novels, Shequalin seamlessly suits works by masters of the comical word. To maintain the reader’s alertness, it rhythmically drops in oddities without distracting from the reading flow. Roman and Italic are designed to render a dynamic sense of tension. It’s inspired by many flamboyant Baroque typefaces and arts.”

Mark Frömberg is a Berlin-based typeface designer and tool developer. He holds a master’s degree from TypeMedia at the Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag, The Netherlands and specialises in South East Asian scripts such as Thai, Khmer and Burmese, and is an expert on variable fonts. He equips the type-design community with a variety of plug-ins and teaches type design to beginners and advanced professionals.

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