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Marta Cerdà Alimbau — Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What is the most memorable piece of typography you have come across? “There are many favourite pieces in my mind, depending on the field. But for illustrated type, I’d say the cover of the Kama Sutra from the Penguin Books Classics Deluxe Edition, by Malika Fabre. Those illustrations/letters of the bodies are just so perfect, playing with the negative space and the geometric yet expressive shapes. It’s the perfect piece that hybridizes type with illustration in a brilliant way.”

Marta Cerdà is a Netherlands-based independent artist, type designer, illustrator and art director. She has worked for arts, culture and advertising clients since 2008 and has been recognised by major design competitions such as those of The Type Directors Club, The Society of Publication Designers and the Art Directors Club Young Guns, among others. She also lectures on design at creative conferences and universities internationally.

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