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Morphoria Design Collective — Düsseldorf, Germany

“These designs help people navigate and understand their surroundings by using visual elements such as symbols, maps and typography to convey information. The goal is to create a logical and intuitive system for guiding people through a physical space, such as a building, campus or city, and to enhance the overall experience of that space. All of these types of design involve the application of graphic-design principles and techniques, but understanding a space and changing its perception is fundamental compared to other design disciplines that focus on 2D application.”

Morphoria is an independent design studio based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Over the half-a-dozen years since it was formed, the team’s collective philosophy has allowed its members to be inspired by each other. It thinks of itself as a kind of Swiss-army-knife, developing and integrating a diverse range of expert skillsets. “We are euphoric about cutting through conventional styles and shaping visual identities while also defining our distinct voice,” it says.

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