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Nadine Kolodziey — Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany

“When I work on walls, the biggest benefit and challenge is that the mural is part of public life and on display all the time. This makes it very approachable and democratic, but also it has to work with different situations such as daylight, traffic and weather. It is out there immediately and has to be on point since it will be seen by everyone.Another challenge is to embed augmented reality into the wall artwork to make it more immersive and interactive for the people passing by.”

Nadine Kolodziey is a visual artist and illustrator based in Frankfurt and Berlin. She works at the intersection of digital and analogue with the goal of creating visual experiences rather than images. She combines materials such as plastic and pixels to create work that is hand-cut, melted, or transformed into walkable augmented-reality environments. She’s interested in new challenges, deep-diving in AR, and doing large-scale installations and other projects in Japan in the future. Kolodziey has worked for clients such as Google, YouTube, Page and Die Zeit. In 2017 Wallpaper magazine selected her as one of the graduates of the year. Since May 2018, she has been a creative resident for Adobe Systems in Germany.

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