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Nick Liefhebber — Utrecht, Netherlands

Why do you like screen-printing? “For me it’s the best way to create unique and cost-effective reproductions of my work. You can use special inks, print on a large scale, print on different materials such as paper, wood and textile, and you can experiment and print variations of the same work. Things that would cost a lot if you had to do them the industrial way. It gives you the power to create impactful work as an individual. The main challenge is that you have to have access to screen-printing tables and know how to use them; the first few times it’s hard, but practice makes perfect.”

Nick Liefhebber creates bold, vibrant and colourful campaign images for clients around the world as well as his own work. He creates a lot of screenprints and risoprints. Working both as designer and illustrator, he creates everything from small campaigns and identities to record sleeves, fashion and editorial illustrations. His illustration work can be described as layered, playful, slightly psychedelic and exotic.

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