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Nini Sum — Shanghai, China

“Screen-printing is a medium that has the features of both human being and machine, it reproduces images in editions yet each one is different due to their hand-made nature. I especially love adding mono-printing effects into the printing process, such as spraying water onto the paper then printing on top, adding random colours onto the screen then pulling the squeegee; this way the basic shape of the images stays the same for each edition, though the hand-made effect makes each one very different and unique.”

Nini Sum is a mixed-media artist based in Shanghai, China. Her work varies from limited-edition art prints to mixed-media collages, mural paintings and public arts. She is co-founder, with Gregor Koerting of IdleBeats, of China’s first independent screen-printing studio. She is one of only six artists around the world that Adobe collaborated with in 2020 and one of the three artists invited by Adidas to work on the “Women In Power” sportswear collection, released worldwide across more than 30 countries. Dazed And Confused magazine has described her work as“a new vision of Chinese urban art”.

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