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Onfire Design
 — Auckland, New Zealand / Sydney, Australia

Is there any existing packaging design, your own or that of others, that you would like to re-design? “Pepsi. This is a brand that, for us, has never quite got everything aligned. It is, of course, up against such a timeless icon as Coca-Cola. But how is the brand remembered? Is it Pepsi written in the middle of the circle circa the 1970s? The early 1990s vertical type? Or the 2000s 3D circle tab? The chance to get hold of this brand, its history, the red and blue colour palette, and create something truly iconic (that will stay true to itself over time) would be amazing!”

Designers, story-tellers, art directors and problem-solvers. That is what Onfire – a full-service design and digital agency from New Zealand – claims to be for its clients, priding itself on “getting under their skin” and appealing to their customers “in ways that surprise and delight”. It says it aims “to make brands more visible, more differentiated, more competitive. On budget, on time — and on fire.”

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