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PINWU — Hangzhou, China

Each member at PINWU integrate their unique personality and cultural experiences into enriching the brand with a distinct international flavor. Based in Yuhang, China, they have spent extensive time and research on the area’s traditional materials, like Bamboo, Silk Floss, Porcelain and Paper.

Since their first meeting in Milan in 2010, founders Zhang Lei, Christoph John and Jovana Bogdanovic have been collaborating under the name PINWU. Each member at PINWU comes from a different country, each with a different background and a diverse range of cultural experiences – Lei is a product designer from China and graduated from Domus Academy in Milan. John is from Germany with a background in furniture and car design, with work experience in Germany, Finland and Italy. While Bogdanovic is from Serbia with a background in furniture and space design, with work experiences in Belgrade, London and Milan.

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