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Parachute Typefoundry — Athens, Greece

“Our latest design, PF Marlet, started out by trying to visualize a serif typeface with simpler letterforms, something like a hybrid between a sans and a serif, blending simultaneously traces of fashion and nostalgia. Inspiration came from the roaring ’20s and ’30s, decades that embraced women’s independence both socially and politically. Taking intricate hints from the era, a contemporary dynamic version of this humanist typeface evolved with modulated strokes, fine details and differentiated letter widths.”

Parachute is an acclaimed European type foundry based in Athens. Apart from its commercial library of typefaces, Parachute specialises in multi-script bespoke type design and branding. It has collaborated with advertising and branding agencies in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia to design typefaces for companies and organisations such as Apple, Bank of America, The European Commission, UEFA, Samsung, Ikea, Financial Times and National Geographic.

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