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Patrick Blanchard and Triana Thompson — Kansas City, USA

“Guerilla street art has been especially interesting lately, so something in that realm. Transforming an object or place that people ignore every day into an experience that makes them laugh/cry/shudder/vomit/consider themselves is an exciting idea to us. It’s showing people that there is more than one way of interpreting the world. Also, creating under a veil of anonymity is quite freeing, because any recognition or ego attachment is severed once the piece is installed and you run away. Plus, the risk of getting caught is so thrilling! It’s probably good that we look really sexy in handcuffs.”

Patrick Blanchard and Triana Thompson are designers and artists who grew up in Kansas then, in their own words, “got the hell out”, declaring “Two wholes made more whole. Two kidneys just trying to filter through all the bullshit. Two guitar heroes, two sister-wives. Two Think Machines, too much. Two brains, one mind.” Blanchard is a designer at NBBJ in Seattle, Washington, while Thompson is a designer at Fuzzco in Charleston, South Carolina.

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