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Patrick Sanders — Arnhem, Netherlands

What makes a good business card/identity design? “It should reflect the identity of the giver first and foremost. Every element should be carefully chosen to support this message, without being excessive. It’s important to consider the physical properties of the business card. It should not only look good, but also feel good in the hand. This can be achieved by choosing the right type of paper and finish.”

Patrick Sanders is a Arnhem-based graphic designer with a focus on typography and books. He creates books, identities, posters, websites, exhibitions, record sleeves and typefaces. He studied at Graphic Design Arnhem (ArtEZ), specialising in typography and experimental publishing and gained experience at Mainstudio (Amsterdam) and Bestwerk (Deventer). His work has been exhibited at the Dutch Design Week and at the van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven. In addition, he had the privilege of serving as a (student) jury member for the Best Dutch Book Designs.

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