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Petra Pilbák — Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“The most challenging packaging projects tend to be the most satisfying ones too. One of my favourite packaging projects was for Gallimaté, a French beverage brand. I had the freedom to come up with an illustration style that would fit the voice of the brand: modern, hip, premium, but also elegant, classy, sophisticated. The packaging would place emphasis on the brand’s French heritage as well. The ornamental line art pattern was inspired by French folk art, refined into a minimalist style, lending the drink a unique and appealing quality that fits the Parisian café and bistro scene.”

Petra Pilbák is a graphic designer with a diverse background in a variety of artistic media, such as fine art, print-making, photography and art history. Experienced in visual identity, packaging and editorial/book design, she says she likes “to explore the applicability of art and manual gestures in different creative contexts and implement them into a unique vision. My work is characterised by the frequent use of hand-drawn details, textures and illustrations combined with clean typography and colour.”

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