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Saddo — Brașov, Romania

“The Playground pretty much brought back the sense of fun in doing art. Actually we weren’t even doing “art”, we didn’t really think about it, the whole process, the excitement of doing something illegal or semi-legal, of hanging out together, collaborating on pieces - that was more important.”

Saddo, a Romanian artist who cut his teeth in a street art collective called ‘The Playground’, which he founded around ten years ago. Since then, Saddo has been making a name for himself as a fine artist within the New Contemporary gallery scene. Tackling big themes head on, he explores the likes of death, mortality, violence and war, opting to view his subject matter through a mythological lens. Saddo’s fascination with religion and mythology extends back years and pervades many of his works, as he contemplates how tales and beliefs have travelled between different cultures, all the while growing and morphing into new entities.

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