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Silo — Hague, Netherlands

“With our expertise in spatial identity design, Silo strives to make public places more pleasant. At the moment we are involved in a major hospital project. A hospital is by definition a place where people do not like to come. Patients and visitors are usually in a heightened state of anxiety when visiting a hospital. We see it as an opportunity to make the necessary visit or residence less stressful and if possible more pleasant than expected. Currently we are designing the way-finding signage system, interior branding throughout the hospital (40.000m2) and a new corporate identity, in order to create an overall positive human experience.”

Silo is a human-centred design agency “with ideas”. It combines design, UX and branding expertise to help its clients “think beyond the expected and innovate their businesses”. Its goal is “to enhance the human experience through design for branding, digital and spatial environments”.

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