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Strategy Creative — Sydney, Australia

“For any type of publication design, submerse yourself in the content to clearly understand what needs to be communicated. Create clear navigation. Thoughtful hierarchy of copy and visual elements make the content easy to digest and visually engaging. Good pacing of material attracts and sustains interest. The underlying structure unifies a document and makes the layout process efficient. Considered space attracts and leads the eye. Contrast in size and placement between elements creates tension, depth and movement. Balance anchors and activates elements in space. Symmetrical designs are stable, asymmetric layouts more dynamic.”

This international branding agency claims to help its clients “achieve their objectives by creating effective communications. We do this through smart thinking, impeccable craft and client relationships based on high levels of trust and respect. We have proven success through our years of experience and a team of talented and passionate people across our five studios, who work together to produce consistently great results.”

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