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Studio Hoekhuis — Ivo van de Grift — Arnhem, Netherlands

Why do you like stamps and ink? “The use of stamps forces me to think in black and white and leave out all clutter. I love that every time I use a stamp the outcome is slightly different. It all depends on the kind of paper, the amount of ink and applied pressure. Also, with every new stamp, I’m amazed by how much detail it contains. But the biggest advantage is the flexibility and speed of using stamps. I use them for business cards, postcards, labels, bookmarks and all kinds of postal parcels. In print, it doesn't get more flexible than that.”

Studio Hoekhuis is a bookshop/gallery in Arnhem, The Netherlands, that specialises in graphic novels, prints and picture books, curated by graphic designer and illustrator Ivo van de Grift. Logo design, branding, off- and online promotion are all done in-house.

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