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Studio Triple — Jérémy Landes — Berlin, Germany

“When I start a font, I try to create something new and this often leads to prohibited places, shapes that we learn to avoid. Jaune started like that. My pretty simple idea was, instead of avoiding accidental encounters between paths in the bolder weights, to close everything and to treat these encounters as sticky but slick inktraps. I started with the black style and then had to apply the same principle to the lighter styles, which proved way more challenging. In Jaune, I tried to bring features from some of my other fonts such as Digestive into a more constructed, geometric sans serif.”

Studio Triple is the graphic and type-design studio led by Jérémy Landes, first in Paris then Berlin. Originally from the south-west of France, Landes mixes his love for organic shapes and fresh food in his creations, going from corporate identities to custom typefaces or projects with contemporary artists. Nourished by his various clients and experiences, he also contributes to the Velvetyne Type Foundry, creating and releasing open-source typefaces used around the world.

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