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Tanja Hildebrandt — Hamburg, Germany

What makes a good pattern design? “You have to keep in mind the purpose or medium you are creating it for. Patterns for product packagings or accessories can be colourful, loud and expressive. They have to create attention and spread a vibrant feeling for the product. When creating a pattern you’re drawing symbols and putting them in a repetitive structure. The challenge of a good design is to find the right path between chaos and order – not too boring, yet not overwhelming chaotic.”

Tanja Hildebrandt is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Hamburg, Germany. She sees herself as “a visual story-teller, explainer, explorer, artist, teacher, activist, colour-lover and optimist with an expertise in brand identity, packaging and illustration”. Her love for geometric forms, vivid colour combinations as well as the contrast between thin lines combined with bold shapes enable her to create brand identities, packagings and visuals with strong, playful and recognizable concepts.

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