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The Designers Foundry — Christchurch, New Zealand

The re-release of Morion in 2020 is 6 years after the initial sketches took place. The all new version brings not only 6 weights and matching italics to the family, but the entire glyphset has been revised, extended and reconsidered. Morion is a balancing act between text and display type. Morion is capable to be used as running text at small sizes yet is equally as strong in large scale display settings. Sharp details and dynamic condensed italics give a contemporary, digital tone that is embedded in a classic transitional serif typeface.

The Designers Foundry (TDF) is a type foundry offering unique, affordable typefaces and type-related products, with a primary focus on retail typefaces servicing designers from around the world but also supporting those with a need for fully customized typefaces and licences.

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