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Tobias Saul — Düsseldorf, Germany

I would love to re-brand Wolverine. It’s a manufacturer of awesome boots and workwear! I have worn my “Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boots” for years now and I’m really happy with them. The company is very traditional and has been in existence for more than a century — and that’s what I would like to show to the customers, creating a much more old-fashioned look that fits better with the products and the story behind the brand.

Tobias Saul is a lettering artist and graphic designer from Düsseldorf, Germany. From an early age, he dealt with graffiti and illustration, which made it easy for him to develop a feeling for letters and layouts. During his study of communication design, he became inspired by other hand-lettering artists and quickly developed a great passion for this special symbiosis of lettering and illustration. His major fields include logos, branding and packaging design. All of his works begin with pen and paper and are digitalised later to put the finishing touches.

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